Spicy Apple Mango Chutney

I love mango chutney. Something about the spicy sweet  combo with a hint of vinegar, I just can´t get enough. It is delicious on top of curry, but even more magical with egg salad sandwiches, cream cheese and turkey sandwiches, grilled chicken, you name it.

I had always imagined it was difficult to make, but it was actually quite simple and involved many ingredient you have lying around the house.

Really the only thing you need to purchase is ginger, apples, and mangoes, you should have the rest in your cupboard. There are two reasons I made this apple mango, instead of plain mango. One, mangoes are expensive. They happen to be incredible down here in Chile, but in the States, you need to be in the right season to get a hold of them and they are quite pricey. Apples are delicious with mango, but even more to the point, they are cheaper. Anyway, you gotta make this. Double the recipe, and you have gifts to give out all year! Some homemade labels and you are good to go.

Spicy Apple Mango Chutney


2 large apples (I used Fuji) diced

3 large ripe mangoes, diced. For instructions on how to dice mangoes, click here.

2 cups of white vinegar (Apple cider is okay too, but use a little less)

1 cup of brown sugar (white is okay too but I prefer brown)

1 pinch of chili flakes

1 teaspoon grated ginger

1 small onion, diced

1 tablespoon sea salt

1 cup of raisins (golden or regular)

1 pinch of nutmeg

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 pinch of garam masala (optional)

1 pinch of cumin

1 cup of water


Put the sugar and vinegar in a large pot, and heat until the sugar dissolves. Next, add the onions and cook on medium until the onions start to soften (Make sure to have all your ingredients pre chopped). Next, add the mangoes, apples, and all the spices. You can really have fun with the spices….whatever you have around that sounds good, go for it! Like it spicy? Add more chili flakes (I used some merken too). If it needs a little more liquid, add the cup of water, and then let the whole thing simmer for about an hour and 3o minutes, or until the fruit is cooked down. Make sure to check on it and stir occasionally.

Once the mixture is nice and thick (maybe take a potato masher to help it along), pour it into small jars and seal them. Let them cool for about 20 minutes, then put them in the fridge.


5 thoughts on “Spicy Apple Mango Chutney

  1. It´s good! I wouldn´t post it if I didn´t like it. There is lots of room to play to make it taste exactly how you want. Yum!

  2. No, not too vinegary. I think the vinegar taste sort of evaporates while cooking. This recipe makes about 4 jars, but if you double it you can make more. Definitely worth experimenting with.

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