Pad Krapow Moo

This Thai dish can be found in slightly different forms at many local Thai food restaurants, but I have found the home cooked version to be fresher and contain more kick.

The recipe is called Pad Krapow Moo which I stole off of chez pim’s blog which you can find off my links tab. This delicious dish was easy to make and involved buying just a few special ingredients including thai chilis (we had those in our garden), thai basil, and ground pork. For more thorough instructions, go visit the blog, but for now, here is my quick version


thai chilis

thai basil

ground pork



peppers and onions (optional)

Basically, you heat up some oil in a skillet or wok. Then add chilis and garlic. Once they are brown (one minute or two) add the pork and stir well. Next, add the peppers and onions, and cook until soft. Finally, add a few more cut, fresh chilis, then add a handful of the basil. Serve immediately over jasmine rice. DSC04429DSC04428Chez pim suggests (and I agree) that you add a fried egg (cooked in lots of hot oil) on top and a squeeze of lime juice. YUM.



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